Tips For Those Doing Electrical Repairs

If you are looking to do electrical repairs, then you will want to take a few extra precautions over other types of repairs.  When working with electricity you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.  Electricity is a substance that can’t be seen or reasoned with.  You can run from it and if it strikes you have no time to react.  For those looking at electrical repairs in Bradenton FL here are a few tips that you might want to take to heart.

Make sure it is shut off

Your best line of defense when it comes to electricity is to shut it off.  When you cut the flow and the access to power you are less likely to become injured or to injure others.  To shut off the power you will want to go and find your main breaker panel.  This breaker panel is located in the garage, master bedroom or in a laundry room.  When looking at the panel you will see a lot of different switches.  Each of these will go to a specific part of the house.  At the top is a main switch that will cut the power to everything.  Test your switches, make sure they are all properly marked in ink and turn things off before you begin.

Avoid water

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You want to avoid all sources of water.  If you are working in a bathroom or in the kitchen your likelihood of encountering water is greatly increased.  When water encounters electricity it completes a circuit which allows electricity to flow freely.  This is not what you want.  Make sure that you are dry, that your body is away from power and that if you do have water in the area, have it tended to before you begin.

Take your time

Finally, take your time.  When working on projects with power you want to take your time, double check everything that you do and be extra careful.